Finance, Risk, Compliance and Control

Corporations of every size face a range of enterprise risk or have to comply with mandated regulatory settlements requiring independent monitoring. Such ongoing challenges require and operating environment that has robust internal controls and compliance policies that are tested and remediated on an ongoing basis. While regulatory reporting needs to provide a comprehensive view of an institution’s positions at any given moment, Control functions must manage increased complexity in reduced timeframes, requiring a more thorough approach then ever before.

What We Do

Stratigema’s Finance, Risk, Compliance and Control (SFRCC) practice has assisted many of the global top tier financial institutions in addressing the regional and cross boarder regulatory requirements while meeting the overall risk management objective. We help you gain sustainable competitive advantages and deliver strong results through a collaborative approach based on effective and efficient risk management.

How We Help

  • Compliance Risk Management: SFRCC team helps organizations assess their risk, develop a comprehensive compliance management system, establish customize policies and procedures, monitor and test ongoing compliance and
  • Enterprise Risk Management: Our dedicated team will assist you in creating and strengthening the Enterprise and Operational Risk Management programs based on regulatory expectations and industry best practises
  • Finance and Risk Strategy: Our team of industry experts will support your organization in aligning your leadership and communicating your strategies to key stakeholders. We will asses, develop and implement finance and risk strategies that compliment your business strategy and support your competitive advantages