With significant budget cut, limited resources and hiring freeze, public and private sector organizations are coming under immense pressure to reduce inefficiency and improve mission delivery effectiveness by reforming the way their organizations are structured and operations are managed.

What We Do

Stratigema’s Operational Improvement (SOI) practise works with you to find the improvement opportunities at a granular and actionable level. With the team of experts at SOI, your organization will be equipped with the tools and insights to execute fast and capture sustainable benefits by taking these concrete actions.

How We Help

  • Cost Benchmarking and cost reduction: We understand your cost structure and true cost drivers and then identify cost reduction opportunities
  • Process Analysis and Improvement: We identify the activities and processes truly needed to deliver mission outcome, eliminate duplicate activities and optimize inefficient processes
  • Data-Driven Decision making: We instill a data driven culture and tools to drive smarter operational decision making at all level of the organization.
  • Program Analysis and Performance Improvement: We ensure programs are aligned with the organizations’ mission and are set up effectively deliver against that mission.
  • Support Function and Infrastructure Optimization: We optimize overhead and administrative costs by streamlining mission support functions