Technology Consulting

Technology demands a combination of long-term vision and adaptability to innovation. How you leverage data and information to drive business outcomes not only has to align to your business strategy, it often drives your competitive advantage. Executing a Technology Strategy that your organization depends on every day is a demanding, all –consuming job. Today, the organizations need to see past the daily demands to understand and own the bigger picture.

What We Do

Stratigema’s Technology Consulting (STC) practice guides its clients to set their IT Strategy and prepare their organization to adapt new technologies. The team of technology experts at STC will assist you with a disciplined approach to understand your true need and match a solution to your unique challenges.

How We Help

  • IT Strategy: STCs industry experts will advise and help sort out the clutter to understand how to align technology investment to drive top line growth while maximizing value to bring their strategy to life.
  • Business Intelligence: Our team of experts will push you to dig deeper into the information you already have and will design the intelligent metrics to keep track of realistic progress assessments.
  • Implementation and Integration: STCs system integrators combine skills in software and hardware engineering, systems and enterprise architecture with problem solving skills will provide you the required level of technology delivery service and end-to-end support you need, delivering on time and to budget.
  • Enterprise Payments: Our tem of expert will help prepare your organization for and benefits from the payments revolution. Collaboratively, we design and implement centralized payments infrastructures.