Strategy, Outcomes, and Measurement

Complex public and private programs typically have long implementation paths and are all too often prone delays and cost / budget overrun. With significant budget cuts and limited resources, public and private sector leaders are called upon to clean up their management of such programs and produce tangible outcomes in shorter timeframes, while navigating constantly evolving requirement and other disruptions.

What We Do

Stratigema’s Strategy, Outcome and Measurement (SSOM) practice will assist your organization in clarifying the long-term vision into concrete strategies and measurable outcomes at different levels of granularity, identifying challenges to and developing approaches for accelerating execution and scaling impact.

How We Help

  • Engage all level of stakeholders throughout the process of vision and strategy development: By evaluating the end results the organization aspire to deliver, SSOM team will identify the strategies to achieve those results.
  • Asses Current Capabilities: SSOM team will assess and identify ways to improve the capabilities in analyzing the performance data.
  • Performance Metrics and Benchmarking: SSOM team will determine outcomes-driven performance metrics and will standardize target that are matched by internal and external benchmarks