Government and Public Sector

The impact of automation, an aging workforce and globalization coming under fire are just some of the many challenges today’s government need to tackle to ensure better outcome for its citizens. With the right structure, people, systems, policies and culture, governments can be more effective and more efficient in transforming and adapting to the fast changing world.

What We Do

At Stratigema, we work with leaders of all levels of government and in non-governmental and non-profit organizations to develop innovative solutions to complex challenges. Our team of experts are equipped with the expertise and knowledge in the areas of:

  • Tax and Welfare
  • Public Security
  • Data for public sector

How We Help

Stratigema works hand in hand with the government customers to help them with the identified challenges through digital transformation strategies, technology delivery and citizen-led innovation. Our local experts and delivery teams provide the critical interface between global thinking, technology partners and individual clients.