Organizational Change Management

Organizations need a comprehensive, systematic approach to implement change that focuses on the components that matter the most.  Organizations that introduce change effectively are able to achieve real change and sustainable competitive advantage over its competitors.

What We Do

Stratigema’s Change Management and Communication (SCMC) practice has a focus on enabling organizations and leaders to navigate their objectives during periods of transformation – M&A to performance improvement, leadership changes, restructurings and new business strategies.

How We Help

  • Leadership Enablement: SCMC team helps align the leaders and managers to build commitment and drive performance. We assist in increasing the impact of the leadership and manager communication throughout the lifecycle of the organization
  • Employee Engagement and Mobilization: We help in building and optimizing communication to build confidence and buy-in for corporate initiatives. Rallying the organizations around the business strategy and fostering loyalty and enthusiasm.
  • Learning and Development: SCMC team partners with the organizations to enhance people performance, from the C-Suit to senior leaders to individuals and teams. Our team designs and delivers training, coaching and on-site job learning, focused at meeting business objectives through the application of behaviors, skills and knowledge essential to optimal contribution.
  • Organizational Design and Development: SCMC team has vast experience assisting clients with organizational challenges, whether they are management or employee focused. Our mission is to create stronger client organizations that are better prepared and capable of achieving future success.